Michael Jordan 1/6 Scale “#23 Away” Figurine by ENTERBAY


Following the successful release of its “I’m Back!” series a few months ago, high-end toymaker ENTERBAY has returned with yet another 1/6 scale figurine of the great Michael Jordan, this time dubbed “#23 Away.” Standing tall at almost 13 inches as it is based on MJ’s official height of 6’6’’, this limited edition model is from the toymaker’s “Real Masterpiece” collection – a range of accurately depicted, lifelike figurines that focuses on some of the most recognizable faces in the world. Taking us back a decade or three, this “museum-like representation of Jordan” features his iconic red Chicago Bulls uniform accompanied by three of his famous signature sneaker models: the Air II; Air Jordan X “Steel Grey”; and Air Jordan XI “Concord.” Additional details include a revised headsculpt, a newly developed multi-layer paint application, 30 points of articulations, five interchangeable hands, an adjustable Bulls figure stand, on-court accessories, and a replica of his 1995-96 MVP trophy.



More pics + info


~ by kkwu on May 1, 2013.

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