Dabs/Myla and Craola at the LA Freewalls Project

More pics + info


~ by kkwu on January 28, 2011.

One Response to “Dabs/Myla and Craola at the LA Freewalls Project”

  1. i really like this. i hope i come across it some time wandering around downtown. would be even more awesome if someone would be more specific about where this is. i can make out “CO TEMP” and “FOOD” on the building just behind the fence. which doesn’t tell me much. the only thing that pops into my head is alameda and all the seafood importers in that area. this certainly doesn’t look like anything in little tokyo or the financial district. if someone has any info on the whereabouts, please enlighten me. i’d really love to see it in person, and if i find out, then next time i’m in downtown, i’ll swoop down the right street so i can take a glimpse. all rambling aside, great work guys. this is bomb in so many ways, i won’t even attempt to sit here and critique just what makes it so cool. b/c then this post would go on forEVER, and no one wants that. 😀

    (disclaimer: this is a cross-post. i wasn’t sure which website—(this one) or (this one here)—was where i ought to be posting my reply, so i just did both.)

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