ARC – Aerial Rescue Chopper

Aerial Rescue Chopper Concept by Leong Huang Zi.
“The ARC serves as their multi-purpose chopper for rescue operations. Able to navigate rough terrain, this helicopter is meant for surveillance and scouting in both land and sea divisions. Featuring a unique duo fan propeller and air turbo system…”

Source: likecool


~ by kkwu on July 13, 2010.

One Response to “ARC – Aerial Rescue Chopper”

  1. Inspired by a set of blow dryers and bra’s with see through straps. The engine’s highly reflective finish is a dream for any metrosexual pilot, who love to fix there hair before they hop on it for a flight around town. The plexiglass rotors are invisible once in motion triggering a flood of false UFO sighting once flown over suburban areas. The bold Helvetica lettering rages fear in any swiss speedboat drug trafficker who spots the shinny bird in the sky. The only reason why the unit never got in mass production is because George Lucas is having a pending patent on the engine design as it is identical with the J-type 327 Nubian royal starship of princess Amidala. ///

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