Power Laces- the Auto lacing shoe

Inspired by the movie ‘Back to the Future II’, Blake Bevin experimented with creating a pair of self-lacing shoes. While his solution isn’t the most stylish option the mechanism he installed on the shoes does in fact work. The project is chronicled in an instructables page and utilizes an arduino microcontroller. The user steps into the shoes and activates force sensors on the shoe beds. This in turn triggers two servo motors which apply tension to the laces and tighten the show around the user’s feet.

Source: designboom

~ by kkwu on July 7, 2010.

One Response to “Power Laces- the Auto lacing shoe”

  1. Last time I checked the guy passed out an hour after he tied up his shoes, cause blood circulation numbed his feet and he fell down hitting his head. After all there is a reason why geeks don’t get laid, they believe tying up your shoes is to much work, specially if you plan to work out afterwards. lol ///

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