2010 Motoczysz E1PC

The 2010 model just competed in one of the toughest motorcycle races in the world, the Isle of Man TT. The race marked the official release of the 2010 model, which up until now was in the prototype phase. the bike managed to reach speed’s of 140 mph on practice runs and completed a full lap at 94.6 mph. The electric bike has 10 individual lithium polymer cells that each weigh 19.5 lbs and are removable and swappable for quick recharging. The bike’s engine is also quit remarkable, able to travel 40 mils under race conditions, while the Toyota Prius can only do 1 mile in full-electric mode. The 2010 Motoczysz e1pc clearly presents a case for electric motorcycles and presents technology that can be used in any electric vehicle.

Source: designboom


~ by kkwu on June 15, 2010.

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